These days, for a woman to be considered ‘fully dressed’, her nails must be done. Your hands are most often, one of the first things someone else notices about you. Nail enhancements have become as commonplace for the average woman as trips to the hair salon. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without well maintained nails.

Do you have a special event coming up soon? Perhaps you’re getting married?

Your wedding day is fraught with details because this is the day that not only will you remember, BUT that will be captured on film in pictures and video. Years from now, you and your family will look back and review all sorts of details that you labored over. Such as: the dresses, accessories, dinner & catering, music and D.J., Photographer, Hairdresser, makeup artist etc. Every last detail must be carefully considered. Did you remember your nails?

EVERYONE will want to see the ring. You can also be sure to lose count of the times that someone will take hold of your hand to look at it. OR take pictures of it. Not only your ring, but also your nails, forever remembered on film.

Are you looking for something extra special? Out of the ordinary?

Couture Nails uniquely designed for the client. At Ongles Chez Victoria, it is believed that no one should wear nails free of self-expression. It’s a crime for everyone to wander about with the same nails as their neighbour. Why would you want that? You don’t buy the same clothes or decorate your house the same way?

Your nails should be an extension of your personal style as much as your wardrobe and hairstyle are. Whether you prefer a simple rose French with a discreet small rhinestone on one finger, or perhaps you prefer something more daring such as tinted feathers embedded within coloured and glittery acrylic? Or perhaps, you have a special occasion and wish to have enhancements that compliment your garments for that momentous day?

Your enhancements should bear the same consideration as your accessories, to complete your ensemble. This is why “Ongles Chez Victoria” offers Couture Nails.

The Couture Nails package is comprised of the following:

  1. Consult Appointment – to discuss the needs of the client, and view samples as provided by the client.
  2. OCV will search for & obtain the elements necessary to compliment and/or match the colours and theme of the client’s event.
  3. Sample Preparation - will prepare sample nails for the client to view
  4. Sample Selection Appointment - for the client to view the samples prepared, to make a final decision on the elements of the design.
  5. Application Preparation - If necessary, prepare some elements ahead of time for the 3rd & final appointment (ie: 3D flowers)
  6. Application of Couture Nails Appointment – depending on the complexity of the design, may take 2 to 4 hours. This includes a newly sculpted set of Couture Nail Enhancements, using: coloured and/or glitter acrylic or gel, embedded elements (such as tulle or feathers etc,3D work, finishing gloss and rhinestones.

See below for the process of Couture Nails for a client of Ongles Chez Victoria, for her wedding.

Design ideas presented to the client for her selection. To note: colours on some of the samples were not intended for the wedding. In addition, the shape is not indicative of final result. This is simply a presentation of ideas.
End result:
Call and book your appointments today, for YOUR Couture Nails.
When you look back at your photographs, you won’t regret it.
***Couture Nails Package is all inclusive as detailed above, for only $250.00
50% deposit is required to reserve the 3 appointments and is non refundable after Step #2 of the package (sample preparation).


Get Shellaced!





What is MMA and
why you should be concerned about it?

Methyl Methacrylate is an ingredient that can be found in monomer (purple liquid used for Acrylic nails). It was used early on in the industry, before the dangers were known. Learn more...



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