Victoria-Lys Hunter is a Grand Master Nail Stylist, formerly of Chateauguay Quebec as "Ongles Chez Victoria", but now found at Making Waves in Cornwall Ontario.

Victoria has earned her DEP in Cosmetology, and Diplomas in Gel-Resine (aka resine et poudre), CND Shellac, UV Gel, and for Acrylic nail enhancements. Recently, she earned her CND Grand Master Certification. In October of 2011, she earned her certificate in 'Designer Nails" with VivCat; the dynamic duo of Catherine Wong and Viv Simmonds. She believes strongly in the pursuit of an ongoing education to maintain a current knowledge of the Industry, it's products, and techniques thus ensuring a quality service for her clientel.

The four types of nail services that she offers, use products that are MMA-free, non-toxic, guaranteed not to yellow, and will NOT damage your natural nails. Services available are: Resin-power (aka Acrylic Dip), UV Gel, Traditional Acrylic, and CND Shellacâ„¢ for natural nails.

Her passion is Nail Art, and nail enhancements individually styled according to each client's 'personal' style. She regularly researches for new ideas and trends, in this area.

As a former nail-biter in her younger years, she also offers an understanding and strong support system for those wishing to break the habit. She has several clients who have been successful in 'reforming' and who are now enjoying lovely nails.

She does nails because she ENJOYS doing them. You are NOT just a number sitting at her table. Her services are detailed and personalized according to each client's needs, likes, and/or dislikes. Her service is not painful, unlike at some other salons, and your natural nail health will be enhanced as opposed to damaged.

Have a look at the Gallery to enjoy Victoria's endeavors. You shall be pleasantly surprised.


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What is MMA and
why you should be concerned about it?

Methyl Methacrylate is an ingredient that can be found in monomer (purple liquid used for Acrylic nails). It was used early on in the industry, before the dangers were known. Learn more...



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