What is MMA and why you should be concerned about it?

MMA is Methyl Methacrylate, an ingredient that can be found in monomer (the purple liquid used for Acrylic nails). It was used very early on in the industry, before the dangers of it were well known. By the 70s, the United States FDA deemed it as a poisonous and deletrious substance when used in nail enhancements. Approximately 30 states, as of 2005, banned it from use. In May of 2003, Health Canada issued an advisory imposing a ban on selling all cosmetic nail products containing MMA.

Why is MMA dangerous?

HAZARD SUMMARY from the Materials Data Safety Sheet

Why is MMA still used?

MMA is still used around the world because it sets fast and requires less skill. But most of all, it is inexpensive compared to EMA (aka ethyl methacrylate, which is not to be confused with MMA and is SAFE.)

Clients enjoy their nails because of their incredible strength untilthey knock them. Then they discover that not only does the nail enhancement lift off, but also their own natural nail comes right off the nail bed!

Maybe within a few days the client is feeling pain, pressure and numbness, and then perhaps watches their nail turn black.

In addition, if a consumer is unaware of the differences, then the incidences of use of MMA are not reported to Health Canada. If they are not reported, then the Salon is not inspected and/or shut down.

How do you know if your Technician is using MMA?

Common Scams by NSS (Non Standard Salons) that may, or may not, involve MMA

Due to the negative reports caused by NSS using MMA, Acrylic has been given a bad repuation. Consumers are led to believe that all acrylic is bad and this is not true. As a result, the below scams are used by irresponsible techs/salons, perpetuating the bad reputation of acrylic AND attempting to mislead the consumer by suggesting they are using something other than acrylic. Please note: quality acrylic, containing EMA is perfectly safe.

NONE of the above services are anything special, nor should they incur any additional cost.

Dont take my word for it. See the below links,, or google MMA acrylic for further information regarding this very subject. You may find additional resources on this subject here (insert link to mma2 page).

What does Health Canada say about the issue?

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Do you want to report the use of MMA in a salon in Quebec?
See here: Montreal, Quebec (514) 283-5488


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Qu'est-ce que le MMA et
pourquoi devriez-vous inquiéter à ce sujet ?

Le MMA est le méthacrylate de méthyle, un ingrédient qui peut être trouvé dans le monomère (le liquide violet utilisé pour les ongles en acrylique). Il a été utilisé très tôt dans l'industrie, avant que les dangers de celui-ci soient bien connus. En savoir plus...

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